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New Year Message 2015

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Let me start by thanking God almighty for sparing my/our lives through 2014 and ushering us into a new dawn, 2015. To him all glory and honour go.
The Great Council of Executives of our Community, I could not thank you enough. Through all the thick and the thicker, you pulled together and echoed the trumping of THE TRAIN. Through the bleakest of days, weeks, months and even years, when it seemed The Train had run out of steam and the bedrock of our Community in the face of falling, you pushed an extra mile, made one more call, contributed one more lira, dollar to see that victory for the Nigerian people in Turkey was snatched from the jaws of defeat. It is no secret ‘they’ tried to bury us, little did ‘they’ know we were seeds.Today, I salute you, and indeed I am humbled to be counted amongst your ranks.

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