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  • Our Mission Is to Promote programes that reflects the aspirations of Nigerians - Turkish and to make positive contributions to our Community.

  • To creat peace, oneness and patriotic spirit among ourselves (Nigerians).

  • To offer advice if necessary to Nigerians living in Turkey, in the settlement of Legal matters.

  • To protect the image and showcase the culture of Nigerians in Turkey and the entire World.

  • Shall assist reasonably to curb or eradicate every human malpractices that would tarnish the image or image of the country we come from.

  • Shall foster a bilateral relationship with Turkish citizens and boast complete friendliness.

  • Shall creat awareness in Turkey of the rich Nigerian socio-cultural heritage through organising carnivals honouring our festivals and cultural days.

  • To bridge the gap between Nigeria Embassy in Ankara and Nigerians in other parts of Turkey.